Kane County Prairie Restoration

Kane County Road Rights of Way Native Plantings Project

The Department of Environmental Management and the Kane County Division of Transportation have teamed up to develop a program of planting native grasses and flowers on County road rights of way’s.

Some of the goals of this project are to minimize County maintenance expenditures, improve water quality, and enhance right of way aesthetics. The County has hired a contractor to complete the work and the process is being documented so County personnel can be trained to duplicate the planting and management techniques.

If this project is found to be successful the County will evaluate expanding this type of vegetative cover to other County road rights of way’s.

The program is being tested in three locations. One site is south of Main Street in Batavia, on the west side of Randall Road, another is southwest of the Burlington Road and Bolcum Road intersection and the last site is located at the southwest corner of Big Timber Road and Damisch Road.

If you have any questions please contact Ken Anderson, Project Manager, KCDEM, at 630-208-3179.